Welcome to Tunbridge Wells Sands

teardropSands is a national charity established to provide help and support to all those affected by the loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. It does this through a network of local groups, of which Tunbridge Wells Sands is one.

At Tunbridge Wells Sands we understand how devastating the loss of a baby is, as we have gone through the experience ourselves. We are here to offer support to all those in the local area affected by the loss of a much-loved baby. We offer monthly Support Group meetings as well as one-to-one befriending by Sands members. The Support pages of this website will give you more information about these services.

Tunbridge Wells Sands members also fundraise to provide money for the training of healthcare professionals, for research which might help to prevent the loss of babies’ lives and for special projects. Please look at the relevant website pages to find out more.

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